About Us

We endeavour to give people greater choice and to enhance their independence and wellbeing. Our purpose is about supporting you to achieve your goals, guiding you through your choices and protecting your rights.

Connex Life is a registered NDIS provider committed in supporting and empowering people to live their best life through gaining more skills and support.

Through our shared values, experience and strong community networks, our team strive to offer personalised-tailored support to all our partners.

One Stop Shop

Our industry knowledge that allows us to be able to offer a one stop service for our clients in the areas of:

  • Daily supports

  • Training

  • Employment

  • Apprenticeships

  • Community participation

  • Much more

Connex Life & our Associates

We are proud to have the following Associates working with us to further support our participants.

Finding and Keeping a Job NDIS
Finding and Keeping a Job NDIS
Finding and Keeping a Job NDIS
SLES Supports Sydney
SLES Supports Sydney

Our Mission

To inspire our clients to live dignified, meaningful, and fulfilled lives via the delivery of our services with care, compassion, and professionalism.

Our Vision

A future where people with disabilities are no longer seen as people with disabilities but as ordinary people living the best they can.

Our Values

We operate by the following set of principles in our approach to providing services for participants.

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Respect

  • Trust

  • Accountability

  • Passion

  • Professionalism

  • Happiness

Our Team

Support Coordinator & PsychoSocial Recovery Coach

Rafal joined Connex Life in 2023 as a Support Coordinator & Psychosocial Recovery Coach located in Sydney, NSW. From 2018 – 2021, Rafal worked as a Support Coordinator/ Psychosocial recovery coach in the Sydney, supporting participants and their families to navigate the NDIS in regional town centres where support networks were low.

Prior to this, Rafal has worked as a Support Worker where she was assisting and helping people living with complex needs. She has studied Mental Health and Community Services through NSW Tafe and has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge of supports and networks available in NSW. When Rafal is not working or hanging out with her family, she likes to spend most of her time with her cats or playing tennis with friends.

Support Coordinator & PsychoSocial Recovery Coach
CEO Connex Life


Hilda joined Connex Life as the CEO, and her passion is leading and empowering others to live their best life. Hilda has extensive experience in the NDIS industry.  Starting out as a Local Area Coordinator, she assisted and linked participants to appropriate supports and services. She likes to make a difference in someone else’s life and helping them achieve and reach their long-term goals.

Hilda enjoys a good game of snooker, wine and dine and loves to spend quality time with her family and friends.

Employment Engagement Consultant

Jordan joined Connex Life in 2022 as an Employment Engagement Consultant. He is passionate about virtual reality and the ways it can help and educate young adults in achieving their career goals. This technological tool allows young adults  to be exposed to experiences that they might not be able to access out in the real world. In his spare time, Jordan loves being outdoors, either on the water surfing or on the tracks riding mountain bikes.

Employment Engagement Consultant Connex Life
Disability Employment Services NDIS Sydney

Senior Engagement Consultant

Tim joined Connex Life as a Senior Engagement Consultant. His role is to work directly with the community and help grow Connex Life’s networks and services. He has extensive background working within the Disability Employment Services in both NSW and QLD, along with work in the NDIS Finding and Keeping a Job and Plan Management services.

Tim describes himself as ‘a massive sports buff’ and especially enjoys Basketball and Golf, and loves wearing his pair of Jordan’s.

Employment Consultant

Senay joined Connex life in May 2023 as a Support Worker and now has moved into the role of Employment Consultant – to help participants prepare for work. Senay’s working background is mixed where she studied beauty at TAFE and went on to work in that Industry to working in Aviation. She then wanted to try something different, gain more knowledge and learn new things. Senay will draw upon her previous work experiences as she supports Participants in their preparation for work.

Senay’s hobbies are shopping, eating and always likes to learn and try new things. She is very family orientated and also enjoys spending time with her two cats.

SLES Supports Sydney